By now most of the pupils in Secondary will have had their examination results with accompanying feedback and corrections in class. Primary pupils have had a less condensed schedule but nonetheless an important one as teachers gauge their progress in key subject areas. End-of-term reports will be available online via ManageBac so please ensure that you have collected your password as indicated in the earlier e-mails – if you still have not done so.

Hot on the heels of the Marathon – for the fit and keen – we have Sports Day today. By the time this blog reaches you we will know which House is the ‘swiftest and strongest’ – or maybe simply the most determined or shows the strongest team spirit.

House competitions are more about the latter than the former and help to cement the school community like few other activities. Winners achieve rewards and status while others learn the importance of perseverance and preparation. There is nothing more frustrating than being ‘pipped at the post’ by one of your classmates who gave that little bit extra when you decided you’d had enough!

At every level, whether it is an obstacle race for Nursery children or a staff relay race, concentration and cooperation, awareness of one’s surroundings and of others are essential.

I hope that in the midst of all the important peripheral learning, however, everyone still found time to enjoy the events and of letting off energy.

The evening saw a totally different event back at school when ERV hosted many important guests who came to hear Dr Richard Oslisly, renowned archaeologist talk about the ‘Caves of Gabon – an unknown heritage’, helping us understand the fascinating world that lies hidden beneath our feet.

To sum up the day’s contrasting events the phrase: ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ springs to mind.

Enjoy your week-end.