It would seem reasonable to expect that a four-day week would be relatively relaxing and certainly less stressful that five days. This week has proved the exception!

We hosted our IB PYP visitors on Monday and Tuesday who had come to talk to pupils, parents and staff as well as members of the Board as part of the Accreditation process. Obviously we were keen to show off our skills and great work and we now await the report with eager anticipation. Huge thanks go to all those who participated and especially to Mrs Babin and her indefatigable team!

Fortunately we had a day off to recover  – and celebrate All Saints Day.

Thursday and Friday saw us back in the swing of Green Dragon’s Den when teams of students had to put their entrepreneurial talents to the test in front of the ‘Dragons’, of whom I was one, challenging the marketing plans and production ideas of some very worthy ideas. Great practice for the world of work!

On Friday evening, ERV students carried the COCAN Handball Gabon and CAHB 2018 trophy on stage as part of the draw ceremony in our Auditorium – a wonderful and inspiring event.

Who knows which of our students will grow up to represent Gabon in sport at such a high level?