The Academic Director is a visionary change agent at the centre of learning and entrepreneurial leadership within the school, responsible for ensuring that the achievements and attainments realised by students are of the highest standard.

The roles and responsibilities in this job description are in addition to those of a Teacher in the school.
The role of the Academic Director is the leader and manager of student attainment and progress throughout the school with a key focus on summary attainment at GCSE and IBDP.

The Academic Director is an informed, reflective practitioner who uses data to monitor and evaluate student performance throughout the school to motivate and challenge all learners to become self-regulated, life-long learners and leaders.

The role is also as a key collaborative partner to the Executive Head, Head of School, Deputy Head and Faculty Leaders, responsible for contributing to delivery of the ERV Strategic Plan.

Accountable to: Executive Head


Strategic Plan:
To work with the Executive Head, Head of School, Deputy Head and wider staff team at ERV, as part of the senior management team, to implement the strategic plan. The development of the school will recognise it’s location, in Gabon, within the, national and international context:

  • Formulate the aims and objectives for monitoring assessment and tracking student progress within the context of the ERV Strategic Plan
  • Formulate the aims and objectives for the primary and secondary phase curriculum within the context of the ERV Strategic Plan
  • Develop policies and practices for their implementation that support student achievement
  • Ensure that quality teaching and successful learning is sustained in line with the ethos and educational vision for ERV
  • Monitor, evaluate and review the quality of teaching and learning throughout the school to ensure it reflects the vision and mission to be an internationally recognised leader of teaching and learning
  • To support the case for change in local, regional and worldwide education
  • To contribute to the education climate of the international school to system-wide achievement and quality and to include the wider community in success
  • Formulate the aims and objectives for the continued professional development (CPD) of all staff within the context of the ERV Strategic Plan
  • Ensure that CPD supports the delivery of quality teaching and successful learning experiences at every level in the organisation

Leadership and Management:

  • Bring accountability to learners and locations throughout the school
  • To lead the agenda for the management and analysis of student performance data and assessment aligned to radical thinking for deeper learning, adaptive learning and authenticity
  • Embed formative and summative assessment procedures throughout the school
  • Follow up on student performance in terms of final attainment and attendance, grades and reports, student records and ensure attainment is accurately measured and reassessed on a regular basis to ensure progress
  • Ensure that all students realise their potential

To support the Deputy Head and leadership of the school to lead, motivate, support, challenge and develop staff to secure improvement: 

  • Monitor and evaluate staff performance according to the performance management procedures adopted, taking full responsibility for the administration of performance management throughout the teaching staff and teaching assistants at ERV
  • Support the identification of development needs and deliver support for staff to enable them to grow as professionals and raise standards of attainment
  • Build positive, professional relationships to develop between members of staff and students to support learning


The Academic Director is expected to support, facilitate, motivate and organise the academic works of ERV with oversight of the curriculum and the attainment of the students. They participate in, but are not ultimately or solely, responsible for the development of training needs informed by performance management and student attainment in support of the Deputy Head who is responsible for this element of school operations.
The Academic Director has overall responsibility for the quality of the academic program and especially the following:

  • Benchmark student attainment within the school against international expectations to ensure ERV is an example of best practice
  • Liaise with Higher Education establishments to ensure ERV student’s progress to either the university or pathway of their choice, ensuring students perform well in entrance examinations/IELTs/SATs where appropriate
  • Lead improvement in standards of attainment of students at every level throughout the school
  • Ensure that the whole school curriculum is well-organised and that teacher planning supports learning and stretches all students bringing pace and challenge to lessons
  • Ensure there is a balance between academic deadlines, co-curricular and residential activities for example
  • Increase the use of ICT to support learning
  • Support the Deputy Head in ensuring that the supervision, observation and book monitoring for marking for example are carried out to maintain and improve student performance
  • Ensure effective communication within the school and all stakeholders promoting ERV and acting as an ambassador for the school at all times
  • Liaise with educational institutions and agencies for profiling and development
  • Liaise with the IBDP and Examinations Coordinator about the successful delivery of external examinations at ERV


The Academic Director will be responsible for:

  • Monitors, evaluates and reviews the assessment strategies and ensures that all teachers know, understand and use the school’s assessment and reporting guidelines
  • Takes responsibility for ensuring ERV reviews all internal and external data, in addition to examination outcomes and benchmarks student performance against other schools both locally and internationally
  • Reviews the results of student learning including review of grades, standardised and other test results and other relevant data, benchmarking them against external standards of attainment
  • Responsible for monitoring evaluating and intervening where necessary, the attainment of all scholarship students to ensure that they attain at the very highest levels when compared against gifted and talented students on an international basis.
  • Oversight of all academic discipline, and interviewing of students regarding their academic progress
  • Provides leadership in the regular and on-going cycle of the school’s accreditation with the IBDP, CIS and IGCSE ensuring that all coursework deadlines are met
  • Support the planning, implementation and evaluation of the school’s curriculum including review, innovation and documentation of performance standards

In addition to the above the Academic Director is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school including:

  • Monitor the organisation of internal examinations or assessments as required
  • Report on the performance of students against external benchmarks
  • Support the efficient and effective allocation of resources to support teaching and learning
  • Ensure that the library, classrooms display students work and exemplify what high standards of attainment look like
  • Ensuring that new students to ERV are appropriately assessed and supported when they join the school in conjunction with the Admissions Team and leaders of the relevant phase in school.

These responsibilities will be carried out in consultation with the Head of School, and relevant colleagues.
The list of functions and responsibilities above is not exhaustive, and responsibilities may evolve according to developing needs of the school.
Assume additional duties and responsibilities as and when determined and agreed with the Head of School.

All members of ERV are expected to be culturally sensitive and professional both in the school and the wider community of Gabon.

Have a Masters in Education or an equivalent degree with PGCE or BEd • Qualified Teacher Status • Passion for teaching and commitment to educating the whole child • Demonstrate collaborative, innovative, leadership • Be a visionary, motivating, listener and supportive leader to his/her staff • Excellent understanding of data management and raising standards initiatives • curriculum and pedagogical issues relating to relevant age range and curriculum • Understand the issues that international schools face with previous experience teaching in an International setting • Minimum 5 years experience of leadership in an established international/IBDP/all through school • Clear understanding of the assessment procedures with the curriculum/phase • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Excellent interpersonal skills • ICT Literate • Good organisational skills • Professional and genuine care for the wellbeing of children • Ability to work as part of a team and contribute towards reaching common goals.
Desirable :
Experience of teaching students with EFL • Bilingual, French/English • Outgoing and confident in their own teaching ability • Flexible and adaptable • Internationally minded and willing to contribute to the wider school curriculum (ESAs) • Positive, patient and with a sense of humour ERV is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All posts are subject to an enhanced DBS /police check .


For application send to HR email,, CV + cover letter