Secondary  School


Welcome to Secondary School of the
International School of Gabon, Ecole Ruban Vert.

In line with the rest of the school, we uphold the values of Excellence, Respect and Virtue demonstrating this not only in our classrooms but also on the sports grounds, on stage, on an international level, when we, for example, send out our MUN team, when we invite other schools on campus and when we interact and serve both our own community and the larger community of Libreville, Gabon.

Our teachers hail from all corners of the globe, are culturally intelligent, open-minded and well-travelled, life-long learners and for the majority multi-lingual individuals. The Academic Faculty believes in excellence through rigor whilst maintaining an inclusive, stimulating learning experience and nurturing an atmosphere conducive to learning.

As an IB world school, we aim to form leaders who will display the IB learner profile characteristics and we relentlessly endeavour to instill international mindedness in our learning and amongst our community so we can genuinely call ourselves an International School. We strive not only to know and embrace but also to understand the complexity and beauty of multiculturalism.

As you walk down our corridors you will meet composed young ladies and gentlemen of tomorrow who will greet you with a smile, whether it is a ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Bonjour’. You will see our leader students, proudly wearing their badges, up and about with their duties, a warm, happy and dedicated academic faculty and support staff, an overall welcoming school.

We can only stand ‘accused and guilty’ of trying our utmost to be the best school in Central Africa, if not the whole continent.


Deputy Head & Head f Secondary 


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Ecole Internationale Ruban Vert

Batterie IV, Libreville

GABON BP : 2144

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