ERV Facilities

The campus is located in Batterie IV, Libreville and spread over 7 hectares and consist of several school buildings : the Primary School, Secondary, Administration building, Auditorium, Library and Sports facilities. The remaining areas are designed for playgrounds, playing areas and the biodiversity.


ERV has 57 classrooms of all sizes. Most classrooms are fully equipped with all ultra-modern equipment to ensure and maintain ERV’s reputation as a « Learning School of Excellence ».


Located in the Secondary School building, the ICT Lab is the ideal place to permit our students to familiarise with new technologies and develop new skills.

The Auditorium

Today, it is used for academic events, school assemblies and a other functions such as reawarding ceremonies.

The Auditorium is also available for hire by external organisations according to the School’s facilities hire policy. We host cultural and educational events such as art exhibitions, concerts, conferences etc. However, due to the ultra-modern equipment used, we kindly select events that will be allowed or which are oriented to children and families.


This facility is used for multisports uses such as Football, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis etc. The School regularly organised friendly sports meeting with other local schools to improve our student’s team spirit and play together. The gymnasium is fully equipped to host high level sports competitions/tournaments.

Dance Studio

We offer our students a wide range of activities in line with the IB displines of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS programme) in a unique and safe environment. Whether you like classical dance or martial arts, ERV offers two spacious, bright and air-conditioned dance studios where you can practice relaxation sessions.


In May 2017, the school organised its first Open de tennis where profesional players could compete with same level players. Thanks to our 2 tennis courts, schools, companies and professional sports organisations have now the opportunity to hire our tennis area for their purposes.


Squash courts have been designed to permit players to familiarise or sharpen their reflexes. You have also the opportunity to practice until 9.00pm because our courts are lighted and equipped with male/female restrooms.

Please find out a complete description of our facilities in the prospectus.

If you are interested in hiring our facilities or require more information, please contact the Communication & Marketing Department by phone +241 01 44 26 70/07 61 01 06 or by email at communication@ecolerubanvert.com.

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