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Beach Cleanup Day

The school is delighted to invite you and your children to come join us on Saturday 11th November, for a Beach Cleanup Day organised by the Ecole Ruban Vert Year 12 class, as part of a group CAS project. The event will take place at the Sablière Mangrove from 10h00 am...

Biodiversity Week – Monday 6th October to Friday 13th October

ERV values the environmental education of all students, to ensure environmental stewardship and awareness across the school. Biodiversity is used as a lens to facilitate this learning; it is the basic understanding that habitats and ecosystems need different types of...

Sports Day – Friday 9th December 2016

As part of ERV’s commitment to students’ health and well being, the school hosted its annual sports day. This year, this event held at the Stade de Nzeng-Ayong. On this occasion, parents can join us, support their child(ren) and/or participate in sport activities such...

Maison d’Alice – Thursday 8th December 2016

That time of the year, the school wanted to come and visit la Maison d’Alice, that is a living space dedicated to patients suffering from cancer. Students from Y7 performed a few songs from the Christmas Musical Show and then, offered Christmas gifts to patients.

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