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SAT Test Management at ERV

From now on, ERV is the only international school officially certified to deliver the SAT Tests, allowing students from Gabon to apply to study in American Universities. Testing Dates in 2018 Monday 5th May 2018 Saturday 2nd June 2018

Embedding Transdisciplinary Learning Into QR Codes – Jason Hanslo

by Jason Hanslo, International School of Gabon Ruban Vert During my university days I always had a soft spot for technology. As a student, on a student budget, I would spend a great deal of time finding out the cost of groceries by scanning their barcodes. The fact...

QR codes adds mystery to inquiries by PYP Development Team on 8 August 2017 in news and review updates   Jason Hanslo, year 5 teacher, the International school of Gabon Ruban Vert In this article you will read how animal tracks of famous Gabon indigenous animals...

Green journalists go back to work

The Green Journalists ECA is all about giving the students of ERV the possibility of having their voice heard through their articles and interviews. The news page on the school website is run entirely by the members of the ECA, and moderated/edited by the...

Voices from Gabon

The "Voices from Gabon" is a creative writing project in which any genre is welcome. The purpose is to help connect the students further with their community and country through the use of stories, texts and literature. Everything goes! From folktales to biological...

A sporty day

By now most of the pupils in Secondary will have had their examination results with accompanying feedback and corrections in class. Primary pupils have had a less condensed schedule but nonetheless an important one as teachers gauge their progress in key subject...

A successful 5th edition

The 5th edition of the Maraton du Gabon was held on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2017. This year saw the largest number of participants out of all the previous editions, and, as is now customary, ERV had a large presence in this sporting event. The marathon’s aim is to...

Marathon du Gabon made in ERV

The whole school's community will be present on Saturday and Sunday to participate in Marathon du Gabon. Are you ready for this 5th edition? Whether you are a professional or amator athlete, come and join us for this great moment.    

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