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a foundation for success

We believe that all pupils can be successful in an environment which is caring, optimistic and encouraging. ERV is a happy school which provides an atmosphere where pupils are supported; they are enabled to succeed and their character and well-being developed right from when they first arrive. Our pupils know that they are valued as individuals with unique needs, strengths and potential.

Our uniquely supportive environment ensures that, by the time they leave school, our students model the IB profile – they are intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent thinkers, eager to engage with the world around them wilst resisting the rush to judgment, sensitive to the needs and beliefs of others but with the courage of their own convictions too.

The promotion of well-being, care for each other and resilience lies at the core of our School. The pupils know they have a voice that is listened to by teachers and fellow pupils. Initiatives such as School Representative Council and proactive pastoral discussion groups are centre-stage in school life. Within structures such as these our pupils find their voice and develop leadership skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Our Four Houses provide a framework for friendships across age groups and for internal competitions. Throughout each term House activities ensure there is always something for pupils to take part in, from House Debating to House Music, Drama and Sport. Our pupils – and staff – support their Houses and participate in the many House activities that happen each term.


The promotion of well-being, care for each other and resilience lies at the core of ERV.  The pupils know they have a voice that is listened to by teachers and fellow pupils.

ERV’s unique approach to Learning and Teaching also augments our strong pastoral care. Pupils are coached and mentored throughout their time at school and encouraged to adopt a positive approach to every aspect of life. They know that their school is a safe and supportive place where they can try their best and make mistakes as a healthy and important part of learning and developing their skills. Mindfulness is also a promoted to both pupils and staff.

Pupils enjoy the support of a Form Tutor who gets to know them incredibly well and supports them as they settle into life at ERV and throughout their early years at the School. The tutor is the first and main point of contact for parents. The Form Tutor is supported by the Heads of School and School Counsellor. Pupils also enjoy additional support from their Study Buddy whom they meet at least once a week. Study Buddies provide support for every aspect of the School and are a hugely successful way of building lasting friendships across the age ranges.
A great deal of effort is given to ensuring our pupils feel settled and happy at School. The early weeks and months offer many opportunities for pupils to get to know the school, make friends amongst and beyond their tutor group. Pupils will visit the termly Clubs and Activities  fair (ECAs) in their first few days so that they make the most of the wealth of opportunity on offer to them at ERV.

At the end of Primary, pupils progress to the Secondary School. We try to ensure continuity of pastoral care and academic support. For all Primary pupils, the move into the Secondary School is a progression and we place a great deal of importance on settling the pupils in, ensuring that they are happy and are making the most of the academic, co-curricular and sporting opportunities at ERV.

Pupils continue to study a broad range of subjects, with an element of selection, before deciding on the GCSE courses on which they will embark fully at the beginning of the Fourth Year. Our Carrers Department offers increasing support as pupils progress through the School, offering advice on Universities, courses and all aspects of a successful transition to a successful career post-school.

Our Sixth Form pupils leave school well equipped to engage positively with a rapidly changing world as accomplished problem solvers and innovators. They are confident in their ability to lead and with a clear appreciation of and respect for the views and potential of others. Our young people are accustomed to thinking well beyond the boundaries of academic subject areas and are practised in working within and leading multi-disciplinary teams to drive successful outcomes.

Pupils continue to benefit from the rich co-curricular and sporting offer at ERV throughout the Sixth Form with increasing opportunity for leadership roles across many aspects of the School.
We are proud that most pupils continue their education through to the Sixth form, in line with our family supportive aims and ethos. The Sixth Form is a time for looking to the future and developing independence, but also for supporting those younger in the School. Having benefitted themselves from in their younger years, our senior pupils take active leadership roles in the award winning Study Buddy scheme, in the School’s House system and in volunteering work.

Sixth Form pupils are part of a global community of young people whose shared root is the School and who remain actively connected to ERV. They benefit from a rich network spanning a broad range of professions and sectors and who represent a living library of advice, counsel and opportunity.

We are proud that there is no typical ‘ERV’ pupil. We encourage individuality and diversity in our community and this is evidenced by the vast range of performances, clubs, activities and trips on offer.

Our extensive co-curricular provision allows pupils to learn new skills, helps our young people find what makes them tick and what brings them joy beyond academic study in line with the IB CAS programme of Creativity, Activity and Service. We expect all pupils to involve themselves in at least one co-curricular activity from each section each week – ie 3 afternoons. Most activities take place after lessons but those such as Junior Achievement take place on Saturday mornings.

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