Dear Parents, 

As we approach the end of another successful academic year we must say goodbye to a number of our teaching staff who have served ERV well. International school teachers, like International families are traditionally mobile. The very nature of the international teacher is that of someone looking for the next challenge in a country which is not their own. As this is a phenomena across the world it also means that other teachers are coming to Gabon for the same challenges and to broaden their own horizons further. I am sure you will join me in wishing them all the best for the future in their new locations. 

Leaving Staff : 

In PYP Ms. Z.Fakih is returning to the Lebanon.

In Secondary Mr. J. Finnin is taking up a position in China at the same institution as his wife, and Ms. D. Garcia is leaving after three years to rejoin family in Colombia and Australia and will complete her Masters. Mr. D. Hiest returns to Europe, Mr. F. Lekika is leaving, Ms Emie Lomba is leaving after three years to continue her career elsewhere. Ms. U. Kamal returns to India. Ms. K. Mootoosamy returns to her school in Mauritius after an agreed secondment of two years, Ms. H. Phillips is moving to China, and finally Mr K. Sankoh rejoins his family in London.

I would like to thank all the departing staff for their work at ERV.

We are joined by the following new members of staff:

Dr Ben Schermbrucker 

Ben has a PhD in Education (with a focus on English academic writing skills), with experience teaching English and English Literature at International Schools in China and S. Korea.  Ben is S. African.

Natalie Coley

Natalie has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary English Kennesaw State University, Georgia USA and will complete her Masters in Educational Management from Capella University in 2020. Natalie has worked previously in International Schools in Tanzania, and Uganda. Natalie is a U.S. citizen with Jamaican origins.

Marc Letarte 

Currently a teacher of English at St. Andrew’s International School in

Blantyre, Malaysia. An experienced teacher of English, Economics, History, and Geography, Marc has nine years of combined international teaching experience in Korea, China, Ethiopia, and Malaysia. Marc is Canadian and bilingual.

Patrick Rakiro

Patrick has taught Geography and History international schools in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Malaysia. Patrick is a certified History and Geography IBDP examiner. Patrick is from Kenya.

Shrikant Puranik

Shrikant has a Bachelor degree in painting and a Masters from Hyderabad University. An IBDP examiner for Visual Art, Shrikant has taught in three other International Schools in India and is a keen photographer. Shrikant is an Indian national.

Keith Burnley 

Keith has a  BSc. in General Science (Botany, Zoology, Physics) from  London. With extensive experience in Secondary Sciences in schools in S. Arabia, Oman, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait and Turkey, Keith brings a wealth of knowledge of IGCSE and IBDP Biology. Keith is a U.K. citizen.

Carla Sabay De Jesus

Carla has taught Mathematics and Science in Angola, Malaysia and Kazakhstan. A national of the Philippines, Carla has a Masters in Education and seventeen years of International school experience.

Noel Corrigan

Noel has a Master of Business Studies from University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Noel is an Irish national and has taught in Cairo, Kuwait, Oman and Manchester U.K.  

Cathy Gallée

Cathy is a French national and has taught French language and literature in Chartres and  Illiers-Combray in France, and is returning to Gabon after having taught at the lycée français Blaise Pascal here in Libreville.

Maria Ferrer

Maria is an experienced PYP teacher, and a bilingual English Spanish speaker. Maria has a Masters in English and English teaching from the University of Valencia and has taught in Azerbaijan, Germany and Spain. Maria is of Spanish nationality. Maria is a certified PYP teacher.

Marielle Gnagni

Marielle has completed her teaching qualification during her time here as an intern at ERV. Marielle has represented Gabon in the women’s football team at International football tournaments and is a Gabonese national. 


Andrew Hill

Head of School