Dear Parents,

Please find below the next bulletin. The aim of breaking this information into smaller pieces is to make it easier to take in and for parents to ask questions as they have read each bulletin. Thus , there will be an additional Q and A as we receive parent questions . The planning in each bulletin has been finalised at the end of June and adapted according to the COVID 19 ever changing and  dynamic situations. Rest assured that a lot of careful thought has gone into these opening preparations.

In May we undertook a complete inspection of all classroom and lesson spaces and have measured each room for use with students at a social distancing of 1m.

Each desk will be labelled and assigned to each student, desks will not be shared by other students at any time. Student equipment ( pens, pencils, calculators etc) must be clearly labelled with the student’s name and class in a sealed clear plastic bag. This equipment will remain in school on a permanent basis.

To reduce movement and increase social distancing, teachers will move from room to room to deliver their lessons in Secondary and the same will apply for the Primary subject specialists.

The corridors and passageways have been separated into two “lanes” clearly marked and barriers created to increase social distancing.

Socially distanced assigned areas will be used for the cafeteria, theatre, and all other teaching spaces. To increase further the social distancing and wherever and whenever possible, some classes may be outside in the fresh air.

Due to the success of our online teaching, we may also use a combination of face to face lessons in a classroom which can be transmitted to absent students in real time. Depending on numbers and time differences we have also prepared for the eventuality of sending assignments and lessons via managebac (as we did last term) if and when the need arises.

In the next bulletin we will explain further in detail the logistic daily arrangements for social distancing with respect to lunch, break times, library and sport.