Dear Parents,

As you may realise we have been planning on the safe, secure and hygienic opening of school. We are delighted to announce that we have now received authorisation for a face to face opening. We have planned a rigorous COVID19 training induction for all staff on arrival in Gabon, as well as presentations for students and parents prior to opening via our now customary “Google Meets” sessions. These will be shared with you nearer to the start of the term.

We are looking forward to seeing the students in school again, and are delighted to announce a phased opening of face to face lessons on our campus, details at the end of this email. The phased opening will give us the opportunity to implement our new systems and protocols with limited student numbers. It will also assure the maximum opportunity to have teaching staff in place.

I draw your attention to the school website on COVID 19, and in particular to the updated lists of school equipment necessary. We will send details of how to access campus, hygiene protocols and lesson changes very soon, but please ensure your child(ren) has / have enough hygiene equipment from the very first access via the campus gates. This list may be found on the school website and a link is included in this email below.

We also have a dedicated COVID 19 page on our website which will be updated regularly, please go to the PARENTS section.

I thank you for your patience and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to send these to

School Opening Dates

Please check carefully the age group and section as below:

  • Sept 7: Opening of  Classes in IGCSE/IB (Y10/Y11/Y12/Y13)

  • Sept 9: Opening of  Classes in Primary (PYP Y5/Y6)

  • Sept 14: Opening of  Classes in IMYC (Y7/8/9) and Y2/Y3/Y4

  • Sept 14: Opening of classes in Early Years (Pre Nursery, Nursery, Reception, Y1)

Equipment List with additional items for COVID19 :

Andrew Hill
Head of School