Equipment/Fournitures which will stay in school and not be taken home 

Please see the stationery list on the school webpage: and

Place all equipment in a  a clear plastic sealable bag (eg a sandwich bag), labelled NAME: CLASS:

1 x  extra mask – labelled as above if possible 

Hand Gel – small container which can easily fit in a pocket – labelled as above. 

Daily stationery equipment for writing etc, each item labelled as above.

Enough water for the day in clearly labelled containers.

A lunch box which will remain cool if necessary, labelled as above. 

Please note we cannot place mixed items of lunch boxes in our refrigerators during COVID, there will be no use of refrigerators or micro wave ovens and no lunch deliveries. 


The school blazer cannot be washed daily, therefore there  is no need to bring the blazer. Instead and while the weather is cooler, please use a school sweater. Wash your child’s clothes daily. On days where this has not been possible for whatever reason, your child may wear the school PE kit on that day . 


There is no swimming until further notice.

Students may come to school in their PE kit . After the lesson, students may change into a spare PE kit (or simply bring an extra ERV t shirt) if they are hot and sweaty, please provide a small towel and “wet wipes” or similar cleansing product.