All arrangements made to take into account ERV Covid19 Protocols, to include:

  • Exam Rooms set up with 1-metre spacing, masks on, AC in upwards direction, windows open, and hand gelling each time person enters room
  • Students ‘own’ labelled desks with cleaning taking place every evening
  • Only Staff invigilating/ Exams Officer and SLT given entry to Exam room, with mask on, hand gel, and 1-metre distance at all times
  • Students to enter Exam Room only with writing equipment required, labelled water bottle, spare mask and hand gel. All other belongings left in Class Room/ locker
  • Students to wear ERV school uniform with ERV jumper if needed, no blazers
  • Writing paper will be deposited on students’ desks for the duration of the exam period. A tray will be available with additional paper for students to pick up themselves if required
  • Exam papers will be printed by teachers and deposited in trays for 5 days prior to usage
  • Exam papers will be in trays per subject/session, with the Exams Officer/ invigilator supervising each student picking up their paper, without touching others
  • Exam papers will be collected by the Exams Officer/invigilator only – students to place back in the tray . No other person touches paper . Papers to be disinfected before collection by teachers for marking, and before returning to students
  • Exams paperwork (board information, seating plan, etc) to be completed by Exams Officer only. Any issues to report during exam to be sent by invigilator via email (with photograph attachment if required)
  • Form Tutors & Exams Officer to brief exam students on the above
  • Staff invigilating exam room and Exams Officer to monitor additionally for Covid19 Arrangements as per above.

Additionally: students must be in school at 07:30 on all exam days, and will not be permitted to come in later/ go home early.