Dear Parents,

As I write the last Head of School message for the academic year 2017-2018 and before I head out for a well deserved holiday, I would like to thank you all for your support this year and mainly these last two terms where I have had the privilege to serve as your Head of School.

This year we made partnerships that turned into concrete action through a weekend boot-camp with ALA, we received accreditations such as the PYP and awards such as award for candidacy with CIS, we became a full member of the AISA and entered finals in International Olympiads. It has been a busy but most successful year. Events such as our yearly Talent show and the field trips are now becoming entrenched and a tradition whilst we have also seen new ideas develop such as the ECA end of year showcase. The field trips and our ECA’s add real educational value to an already rich curriculum. The school is continuously evolving which leads to my next point.

There were also sad moments when we had to say goodbye to certain loyal and amazing members of staff and equally some fantastic students. They have all left their mark and their contribution will not be forgotten, but farewells are an integral part of any international school. This has kept senior management and I very busy with recruitment, and we will soon be introducing to you the new members of our team and our new organisational structure. The school turns 5 years old in October and is therefore readjusting itself so as to remain sustainable, efficient and in line with international standards.


I would like to end by reiterating that excellence in academics remains our school’s primary focus, and we will continue to put this at the centre of all our efforts. We have reaped the rewards of these efforts as we saw ERV graduate their very first cohort of IB Diploma holders with a 100% success rate. All our candidates received their diploma. We still await our IGCSE results, which come out at the end of August.


Until then, I want to wish you a great summer full of fun, relaxation and continuous learning.

See you September the 4th!


Vincent T Adam