Exam Results

International Baccalaureate Diploma Results

We are proud to announce for the second successive year that 100% of ERV students entered for the IB Diploma passed their exams and earned the Diploma. 3/5 (60%) earned the prestigious International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma, with a 100% bilingual pass rate.

The average score for all candidates was 31.4, up from 26 last year and above the worldwide average of 29.62. The highest overall score for a successful IB Diploma candidate was 35 a new ERV record!

Congratulations to all our Francophone students who took English Language B and gained a high score of 6 and to all our students who took French Language B and gained a high score of 6.

ERV is proud to have supported Gabon’s first Bilingual Diploma graduates and Gabon now boasts a pass rate of 100% for the IB DP. Congratulations to our first Gabonese student to obtain the prestigious Bilingual Diploma in their home country.

IGCSE Results

The 2019 results returned a 100% pass rate for all students and all subjects; improved from 98% in 2018.

30% of all grades achieved were the top grade of a “9” with 100% of students achieving at least one high grade (9-7). 49% of all grades achieved were high grades 9-7.

All students achieved grades 9-4 in Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, French, History, Maths Higher, Maths Further, Music, PE and Spanish.

In French, 99% of students gained a 9. Well done to all the students who took Spanish, with 93% gaining high grades 9-7. 94% of students taking Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) passed with grades9-4.

All Year 10 students who took French IGCSE one year early, passed with flying
colours – with each of them gaining a top grade 9! Well done to all!