Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We prepare our learners to be leaders of the future. This means that our students are exposed to a range of theories, critical thinking and project based lessons designed to develop innovative and green focused young people.

Our school’s values of sustainability and innovation allow every student to understand both the ‘why’ of the importance of clean, environmentally – friendly development, especially in Africa, and also the ‘how’, with an innovative spirit to make a green and entrepreneurial future, in whatever sectors they choose.

We have a range of learning that will help instill these values in our students. Inside the classroom, students can take their IGCSE and IB Diplomas in both Economics and Business. Outside the classroom, these theories are applied into mini-projects and group-learning projects.

From the Green Business Competition ‘Green Dragons Den’ to ‘The Junior Achievement Mini-Enterprise Competition’, our students can bring their ideas to life. They will learn from the moment they arrive that ERV is a school where every student can learn how to be creative, innovative and sustainable; and why these values are so important for the future of Africa and developing world.