Dear Parents,

Please find below a collection of recent questions from parents, with the accompanying answers.

Q & A Covid – February 2021

1. Q. Do we need to move to online learning every time there is a positive test result in the ERV community?

A. Unfortunately sometimes – yes. ERV is such a small international community that our parents socialise, our students socialise and we also have staff children who socialise all within the same group. As we are a small, family school we have some teachers who teach across a wide range of ages. For parent positive test results we take each case on an individual basis. Parents sharing results have thus far been very cooperative and helpful in assisting us identify the risks.

2. Q. What are the school’s priorities in making a decision to move to online learning?

A. Our overriding priority is the health and wellbeing of the students, staff and parents. This comes before any other consideration.

3. Q. How are dates for regular Covid testing in school fixed?

A. ERV makes a request to the testing authorities who often are not able to guarantee our request for a
specific date or time for testing (even when we do so in advance). We are in their hands and fully
understand the enormous task they have to ensure fair testing for Gabon. Surges in testing occur which
may take precedence over requests by communities such as ours.
We ask our parents and students to be flexible, patient and cooperative during test periods.

In addition, we will always test after the holiday periods and at regular intervals.

4. Q. How can we parents help?

A. 1) Parents can help by understanding that their own behaviours have an important effect on our small, close-knit community. There are social gatherings which are extremely well controlled and we are
pleased to know that this is the case but we must not drop our guard. We must remind the children to
constantly wash hands, wear masks, keep their social distance and avoid touching the face.

2) For your externally tested negative certificates, please email and with the email subject line: “Negative Covid Test NAME OF CHILD/CLASS”.