Ecole Ruban Vert is governed by a Board that recognises its primary work and focus are long-range and strategic. To this end the Board receives, approves, monitors and evaluates progress on an annual basis. The Board assures that the school operates with legal and ethical integrity in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. To assist it in these duties and enable it to exercise fiduciary responsibility and oversight the Board has established the following subcommittees;

  • Strategy Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Audit and Management Committee
  • Installations (Facilities) Committee
  • Staff Remuneration Committee
  • Admissions Committee

These subcommittees consider progress against the objectives relating to their aspects of the leadership and management of the school each time they meet.

The CIS Accreditation Team commended the school for, “ designing, constructing, and maintaining a beautiful school campus, including the physical facilities and teaching and learning spaces to provide an exceptional atmosphere for student learning in Gabon”.