IMYC Brochure

The International Middle Years Curriculum

The IMYC is a challenging, engaging, internationally-minded, concept-focused curriculum designed specifically for the unique learning needs of 11-14 year olds in lower secondary or the middle years. Dividing the year into different Big Ideas, the goal is to introduce conceptual and abstract ideas about learning and about the world into each of the subjects. As such, the Big Ideas allows for a non-traditional teaching with more focus on student involvement, engagement and creativity. It is less about achieving new skills, and more focused on the application of skills to further new experiences and understandings.

At ERV, the IMYC program is going to function as a bridge between primary and secondary.  It will do this by continuing the project and student-driven structure of the PYP, but in a more closely monitored, subject-specific setting. Throughout the year, the students will create different projects across all sections and subjects, which will provide them with deeper insight and understanding as part of the holistic education provided by the school.

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