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sara kelly cardorelle

Sara-Kelly Cardorelle

Admissions Officer

Our Admissions Officer, Sara-Kelly Cardorelle, joined ERV in 2018. The best thing for Ms Cardorelle about being an Admissions Officer at ERV is working within a multicultural environment and meeting people from different sectors. Ms Cardorelle’s interests are cooking, photography and travelling.

yasese dambana

Yasese Dambana

Communications & Marketing Manager

Our Communications and Marketing Manager, Yasese Dambana, joined ERV in February 2022. The best thing for Ms Dambana about being a Marketing and Communications Manager at ERV is promoting the values of sustainability, innovation and education. Ms Dambana’s interests are baking, travelling and music.

christian divouvi mouiri

Christian Divouvi

Finance Officer

Our Finance Officer, Christian Divouvi, joined ERV in 2015. The best thing for Mr Divouvi about being Finance Officer at ERV is participating in the great challenge of developing children to become world citizens in a multicultural environment, and to make ERV a reference-point in education in Africa.

micael ngoma

Micael Ngoma

IT Manager

Our IT Manager Micael Ngoma joined ERV in 2016. The best thing for Mr Ngoma about being an IT Manager at ERV is to help staff and students to use technology with ease and ensure that everyone is satisfied with the quality of service provided. Mr Ngoma’s interests are learning new technologies, music and cleaning.

dona houndayi

Dona Houndayi Souamy

Executive Assistant

Our Executive Assistant, Dona Houndayi, joined ERV in 2020. The best thing for Ms Houndayi about being an Executive Assistant at ERV is working in a multicultural environment, which means multicultural experiences. Ms Houndayi’s interests are basketball, baking, travelling and learning and discovering new things.

anais louembe

Anaïs Louembe

School Nurse

Our School Nurse, Anaïs Louembe, joined ERV in 2020. The best thing for Ms Louembe for being a School nurse at ERV is helping students and staff through medical care and health education. Ms Louembe’s interests are dancing, reading, music and movies.

armand loumbangoye mpiga

Armand Loumbangoye Mpiga

IB Librarian & IB Extended Essay Coordinator

Our IB Librarian, Armand Loumbangoye Mpiga, joined ERV in 2014. The best thing for Mr Mpiga about being a Librarian at ERV is to engage with students and assist them in accessing information. Mr Mpiga’s interests are literature, basketball, video games, technology, music, crafting and graphic design.

magali kunsevi

Magali Kunsevi

College Counsellor

Our College Counsellor, Magali Kunsevi joined ERV in 2017. The best thing for Ms Kunsevi about being a College Counsellor is helping students to find the right pathway for their future. Ms Kunsevi’s interests are music, reading and dancing.

sabine folly

Sabine Folly

Exams Officer

Our Exams Officer, Sabine Folly joined ERV in 2014. The best thing for Ms Folly about being an Exams Officer at ERV is the ever-changing & interesting mix of all areas of examinations and administrative support which she provides every day to teachers and students. Ms Folly’s interests are in music, cooking and TV shows.

ame batam

Âme Batam

ECA Coordinator

Our ECA Coordinator, Âme Batam joined ERV in 2018. The best thing for Ms Batam about being an ECA Coordinator & Boutique at ERV is to be part of the development of students and experiencing an international world context. Ms Batam’s interests are cooking , reading and music.

marielle gnagni

Marielle Gnagni

Head of Houses

Our Head of Houses, Marielle Gnagni, joined ERV in 2019. What Ms Gnagni enjoys most about her role as Head of Houses is being part of the competitive development of the students and gaining more experience for the future. Ms Gnagni’s favourite hobbies are team sports, music and travelling.

mary tanui

Mary Tanui

MUN Coordinator

Our MUN Coordinator, Mary Tanui, joined ERV in 2020.The best thing for Ms Tanui about being MUN Coordinator at ERV is empowering and equipping students with skills on global issues facing the world, thus creating a meaningful change in our community and the world. Ms Tanui’s interests are mentorship, reading about international diplomacy and fitness.

toree chakrarty

Toree Chakravarty

MUN Coordinator

Our MUN Coordinator, Toree Chakravarty, joined ERV in August 2020. The best thing about being in ERV is the wonderful collaboration with the team and the professional development through opportunities such as MUN. Ms Chakravarty’s interests are travelling, swimming, dancing and learning new languages.

safiano adamou

Safiano Adamou

Finance Manager

Our Finance Manager, Safiano Adamou, joined ERV in April 2021. The best thing for Mr Adamou about being a Finance Manager at ERV is working in a multicultural environment and being actively involved in the life of the school. Mr Adamou’s interests are mainly sport, travelling and learning new things.

priscile moupig abotsi

Priscile Moupig Abotsi

Human Resources Manager

Our Human Resources Manager, Priscile Abotsi, joined ERV in 2020. The best thing for Ms Abotsi about being an HR Manager at ERV is to be part of a great international school and contributing to staff well being. Ms Abotsi’s interests are reading, cooking and travelling.

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