Personal Development Programme

As part of the school’s vision and mission, the Personal Development programme is designed to reflect Ecole Ruban Vert’s adherence to excellence, respect and values, while honouring our commitment to a sustainable future through innovative and environmentally-oriented education.

The Personal Development programme is offered to students up to Year 11, and centers around a range of units that aim at fostering transferable skills and mindsets that encourage lifelong learning, independence, critical thinking, as well as compassion and respect.

Students in the primary school learn about the different IB learner profile characteristics and how they can best embody the values of the program through a range of purposeful activities and thought-provoking exercises.

Once students reach secondary level, they are invited to take part in a range of learning modules where they are given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their rights and responsibilities as global citizens, but also develop an interpersonal and intrapersonal skills set that allows them to fully realise their potential as part of a rounded education. These content of those modules includes, but is not limited to, democracy and voting rights, public speaking and debating, budgeting and finance, environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship activities, a healthy lifestyle, and career opportunities and job-seeking skills. Students are expected to be active participants in their respective modules and thus be the agents of their own personal development.

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